Sunset Room

Escape from the beautiful Sunset Room, find objects to unlock the door and Escape from the room. This is my first attempt at a 3D rendered game, so much harder than I’d expected. But good fun too – all part of my current fascination with Light…. Hope you enjoy!  

Budgie Escape

Budgie escape is another point and click style escape game from In this cute little game, you use your escaping skills to help this clever little bird escape from its cage. Good luck and have fun!  

Shower Escape

Your wife Alice is sick of cleaning up after you, so she has locked you in the shower to teach you a lesson. She say’s you are not getting out until you have scrubbed the shower clean but she might have underestimated what a great escape-artist you are. have fun!  

The Great Bank Escape

In Roguejoker’s The Great Bank Escape, you are locked in the bank. Solve the puzzles using objects and clues to help you escape. But be careful to avoid the bank’s security systems and getting busted by the cops. Have fun and good luck!  

In the Dog-House

Oh no it looks like some joker has decided to lock you in the dog-house, with the dog. Lucky for you it’s a friendly pooch! It’s a bit cramped in here, so best you get out.  Find objects and clues to help you solve the puzzles and escape. Good luck and have fun!  

Escape the Well

A weekend music festival on an old farm sounded like great fun… But then you went stumbling drunkenly through a field trying to find a quiet spot to relieve yourself of one-too-many drinks. The old well was boarded-over, but the boards were rotten with age and collapsed under your weight. Down you plummeted to the …

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Office Escape

You stayed back after work to finish that important project but then the automated security system in the office building  malfunctioned and now you are locked in. Search for items and solve the puzzles to escape. Have fun and good luck!  

Lost in the Enchanted Forest

Lost and disorientated in the forest. It feels like you are going around in circles. Search amongst the bushes and trees for objects to help you get out. Perhaps the forest dwellers can help too… but nothing comes for free these days… even in an Enchanted Forest. Good luck and have fun!  

25 Willow Hill

Dared by your friends to enter the notorious 25 Willow Hill, you foolishly accepted the challenge… Now you are trapped inside this cursed house, held captive by a soul with unfinished business in the living world… can you escape? This is one of my earlier escape games and still one of my all time favorites, …

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Escape the Doctor

You are locked in Dr Hackemup’s waiting room, terrified by the cries of pain coming from his room, you decided to leave, only to find that the doors are locked and your next on the list. Search the waiting room for objects to help you get out. Good luck and have fun.  

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