Scramagram Kitchen Escape

Staying at a lovely bed & breakfast, you awake from a restful sleep feeling ravenously hungry. You venture into the kitchen in search of something to eat. But the door swings shut behind you and won’t open again. Locked in the Kitchen, you search around the room for hidden letters which, once rearranged, will give …

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Scramagram Bathroom Escape

The view of the Indian Ocean is spectacular from your luxurious resort suite on the beautiful African island of Zanzibar. After a long day relaxing on the beach you return to your room to take a spa and get some room-service. Now you find yourself locked in the bathroom. You search around the room finding …

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Granny’s House

It’s your weekly visit to Granny’s house, and as usual Granny is driving you nuts with all her demands… ‘Find my specs’…’Tidy the yard’… ‘File my corns’! It just goes on and on. You need to get out before you go mad or die from exhaustion. Find clues and solve the puzzles in order to …

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Library Labyrinth

You wake up in the library… The last thing you remember you were studying for an important exam… you must have drifted off. But now you are the only person left in the library. It’s all locked up and there isn’t a telephone in sight… including your mobile phone, which appears to have been stolen …

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You awaken to complete blackness. You can’t see a thing… As your eyes adjust to the gloom, you can make out vague shapes around you. … a growl, low and menacing, from somewhere in the darkness sets you searching blindly for something to help you get out of here… Good luck and have fun!  

Escape from the Garage

Escape from the Garage is another Escape Game from RogueJoker. In this quick and easy little game you find yourself locked in an empty Garage! Use your escaping skills to find clues and objects to help you get out. Have fun and good Luck!!  

Get Out Rich!

Tommy Rich, billionaire playboy and heir to the Rich&Richer Media empire, you wake up in a strange room with only the vaguest memory of how you came to be there. It soon becomes apparant that you are being held hostage by some shady characters who are demanding a ransom from your father. And if you …

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Ultra-Violet Gallery Escape

The famous Ultra-Violet Gallery, an exclusive invitation only affair, held by a prestigious art school. It was not what you were expecting. A strange display of artistic creativity or just someone’s warped sense of humor? Either way, you are now stuck in this place and need to find a way out… Enjoy.  

Laboratory Lockdown

Working as a lab assistant on a top-secret project, you stay back after hours to clean up a messy experiment. Suddenly an alarm sounds. An emergency lock-down has been initiated and nobody knows you are still inside! Use your skills to escape from the laboratory as quickly as you can. Good luck and have fun! …

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Kooky Cabin Escape

After your stress-induced nervous break-down, Crazy Aunt Lilly insisted you take some time out and relax at her holiday cabin. But something is odd here, and when you try to leave you find yourself trapped. Can you escape?  

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