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Submerged escape

It seems you got on the wrong side of some pretty shady people. The last thing you remember was walking towards your front door… now you wake up with a pounding headache and find yourself trapped in a car sinking to the bottom of the bay. Act fast to find objects and solve puzzle to …

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Laundrette Escape

If only you’d gotten that old washing machine repaired, now you’ve got yourself locked in the Laundrette in the middle of the night! Don’t get your head in a spin!! Search for objects and clues then use your puzzle solving skills to escape. Have fun & good luck!

Shotgun Wedding Escape

It’s not quite your dream wedding when you find yourself suited up at the alter in the Chaple O’ Lurve. Your new in-laws are armed with shotguns and your wife-to-be has a little surprise of her own on the way. How will you get out of this one? Find items and clues to help you …

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Griselda’s Escape

Griselda the witch went to town to buy supplies for Halloween when suddenly she was set upon by a group of irate townsfolk who didn’t like witches. Terrified Griselda ran for her life with the irate mob hot on her heels. Without her broom she will need to find another way across the lake to …

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Studio 27

As a world renowned abstract artist, you were busy working away on your latest masterpiece in your trendy studio by the bay. Then you discover you have accidently locked yourself in. Try to find clues and items to help you escape from studio 27. Have fun & good luck!  

Candy Store Escape

Getting locked in a candy store is good fun. But once you’ve eaten more than your fill of chocolate, lollipops and sugary treats, that sweet tooth has become a toothache and it might be time to break out of here and check in with a dentist! Have fun & good luck!  

Deadly Date Escape

Everyone warned you not to go on a date with a stranger you met on the internet. But you wouldn’t listen and when Mr Wonderful turned out to be a crazy stalker who locked you up in his room – with who knows what intentions – Now it’s up to you to escape. Have fun …

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Castaway Island Escape

You are marooned on a deserted island, and although you enjoy the peace and tranquility, the nightlife isn’t all that exciting. Use your escaping skills to find your way back to civilisation. Have fun & good luck!

Spooky Escape

You have been caught by an evil witch. Imprisoned in her lair, you search the grounds looking for a way out before she returns. But you soon discover you’re not alone here. Help the other unfortunate souls trapped in the witch’s graveyard, and they may help you defeat the witch. Have fun & good luck!

Changeroom Escape

Shopping for new clothes in a fancy department store, you suddenly find yourself locked in the changeroom. You bang on the door and yell for a while, but nobody comes to your aid. Use your escaping skills to find a way out. Good luck!  

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