25 Willow Hill

Dared by your friends to enter the notorious 25 Willow Hill, you foolishly accepted the challenge… Now you are trapped inside this cursed house, held captive by a soul with unfinished business in the living world… can you escape?

This is one of my earlier escape games and still one of my all time favorites, hope you enjoy 🙂



If you get stuck, take a look at this awesome Story-telling walkthrough by Anemic: [“Show Walkthrough”, “Hide Walkthrough”, “hidden”]

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It’s a dark and stormy night. You find yourself in an entrance hall. There’s a small chest of drawers next to the door. But they’re locked, as is the front door.You move down a hallway to the right. You see a picture on the wall. A soldier in uniform, perhaps a man who gave his life for his country. You notice another locked door.Further to the right you come to the end of the hallway. You move a sheet to reveal a piano. Looking at the keyboard you notice a book of music that explains how piano keys are labeled. Perhaps that’s a code you’ll need to know later.

Moving again to the right you enter the parlor. There’s a big empty hearth. And in the corner, a bookshelf. You search the bookshelf for clues, and finally, lodged between the two right-most books on the middle shelf, you find a stack of letters tucked away.

You read the letters, spellbound. The first two are from a World War II soldier named Harry, writing to his love, Mavis. Harry nears the front lines, and he has an important question for Mavis. But he never gets to ask that question. The third letter is from an American army sergeant, informing Mavis that Harry died on June 12, 1943.

You move to the right into a kitchen. Looking on the floor between a cupboard and the oven, you find an old doorknob. You poke through the refrigerator and the cupboards, then you find a massive block of ice in the freezer. You see something inside the block of ice, so you decide to carry it around as well.

You move again to the right, to a door at the edge of the kitchen. It’s missing a doorknob, and the one you’re carrying fits perfectly. You open the door and go into the bathroom.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see a shadow move along the wall. You have an eerie feeling the house may be haunted. You look behind the bathtub and find an old newspaper.

Moving to the left, you see a sink. The hot water isn’t working. There are cupboards to look through and a mirror above the sink.

You return to the doorway. There’s a pile of wood next to the bathroom door. You decide to take a couple of logs from the top of the pile.

You go back into the parlor. Your arms are getting quite tired, so you rest the massive block of ice on a table in front of the fire. Wouldn’t it be nice to see whatever’s inside the block? Maybe starting a fire would help.

You place the newspaper in the fireplace, then add the logs. But how to light the fire? You can’t take the candles in this room, but you noticed there were other candles in the house.

You go to the left, and, sure enough, the middle candle over the piano is loose. You take it and go back into the parlor, then light a fire.

That’s burning quite hot. The ice will be melted in no time. You decide to take another quick look around the kitchen.

Moving right into the kitchen, you glance quickly at a shelf where Mavis had hung some utensils. You see a knife on top of the shelf and add it to your collection.

Hearing water puddle slowly on the floor, you return to the parlor. The ice is melted, and you see a small grey key on the table. That should come in handy.

You remember seeing a locked door in the hallway. Going back to the left, you try the key in the door lock. It doesn’t fit.

You return to the entrance hall. The key fits perfectly in the chest of drawers by the door. You try each drawer. There’s a gold key in the middle drawer. And when you open the bottom drawer, the chest slips backward.

You see an unopened letter on the floor. You pick it up. It’s addressed to Mavis, and it still has a wax seal on the back. The wax is crumbling, the letter more than 60 years old.

You open the letter, and you read a proposal from Harry to Mavis. He’s about to enter battle, and he’s worried he won’t have an opportunity to propose in person. He’s a bit of a creepy guy, too, and promises to wait for Mavis in the afterlife if he doesn’t get a chance to return home. There’s an engagement ring with what looks to be a three-karat diamond. You take the ring.

Returning to the hallway, you see the picture again. That must be Harry. And it must be holding something important to Mavis. You take the knife and cut open the frame. There’s a small key with a heart-shaped handle, it must be the key to some sort of hope chest.

The gold key from the chest opens the door in the hallway, and you enter Mavis’ bedroom. And there’s her hope chest, resting at the foot of the bed. You use the key to open the chest and take her wedding gown. It’s not quite your style, but it’s definitely something to carry around for a while.

You decide to search the bed for clues. You lift the pillows, look around the bed. You see a gauzy purple canopy on the top of the bed. Using your knife, you cut the canopy. There, written on the bed post, is a code: DACFD.

Piano notes? You move quickly to the piano room and play those five notes: DACFD. You hear a rumbling and a trap door opens right behind you.

With such a dramatic invitation, you feel you must go those stairs.

Oh! There’s a skeleton hanging from a rope. This must be Mavis, distraught when she read the news of Harry’s death. You use the knife to cut down the skeleton. It’s so light, you decide to carry it with you.

In the corner of the cellar, you see an axe. That could come in handy. And there’s the hot water heater, only it’s not working. You press the starter button and it sparks. Three more presses and heater is working its magic. You head back upstairs.

Returning to the parlor, you decide it’s best to let Mavis rest more comfortably. After all, she’s been hanging from a rope for 66 years. You place the skeleton gently in the rocking chair.

Feeling a bit sad for Mavis, you decide to dress her in her wedding gown. And, as a nice touch, you decide to put her engagement ring on her left hand. There, that looks nice.

You go back to the bathroom to wash up. The hot water is working now. You look up at the mirror, which has fogged over a bit, revealing a message, “Let Me Out.”

Let me out? Out of what? Well, the message is backwards, written from inside the mirror. Why not follow the instructions? On a whim, you take the axe, and you break the mirror into a million pieces. That felt good.

Suddenly, you hear a noise and run to the parlor. The skeleton stands up. Briefly, you see Mavis as she was in 1943, a beautiful bride to be. She vanishes into the air.

And then you hear the front door open. Since you’ve reunited Mavis and Harry, the house is no longer haunted, and you’re free to wander the stormy terrain anew, seeking more macabre adventures.